Public Decision's Implications upon the PPS

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Public Decision's Implications upon the PPS

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Title: Public Decision's Implications upon the PPS
Author: Dinu, Ioana Teodora
Abstract: Price, as one of the most complicated economic issues, and as part of the marketing mix has a complex and contentious role and can influence the public decisions and actions through its functions. Therefore, the present descriptive research makes and in-depth analysis of public pricing decisions and their substantiation. In the simplest case, there is a direct relation between the price and the delivered public service. Nevertheless, the most common case is that of an indirect relation, taking the form of the tax system. More over, the tax system is used when there are certain social costs that need to be covered. The stakeholders play an active role in the price-setting public decisions, especially when their direct actions generated those social costs. This is where the marketing tools should be efficiently used in order to avoid the difficulties that the citizens are facing when it comes to the relation between the delivered public good or service and the charged price.
Date: 2010

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