Challenges for the European Union in times of crisis: reactions

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Challenges for the European Union in times of crisis: reactions

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Title: Challenges for the European Union in times of crisis: reactions
Author: Matei, Lucica; Calapod, Andrei
Abstract: Since the beginning of its existence in the form of communities, this entity faced a lot of challenges that could had been stopped the European dream without the fast, prompt and appropriate reaction of the decision makers. There were a lot of difficult times in its history of more than 60 years but the ambition and need of going forward on the way of integration prevailed and today we can talk about European Union as one of the most important global players, having one of the most complex and fascinating political system. The tenacity and the willing to succeed of the decision makers made this possible. Moments like “The Empty Chair Crisis“, changes with regards to the decision making process, convenient for ones but inconvenient for the others, lack of consensus with regards to the new accessions, the big changes that Europe went through in the late 80s etc. showed that the decision makers can have an appropriate response whatever the problem would be and that we must stay together and go on dreaming to an united nation in the form of a federation. Nowadays we are facing maybe the most difficult moment in European Union history. Many of the member states were and still are on the edge. A lot of immediate and prompt actions were taken since the start of financial crisis, either political or economic, drove by the need of going on. We are too much into the integration process, too much dependent one of each other so that we cannot stop and simply go back only to the concept of national state.
Date: 2014-02-15

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