5. South-Eastern European Administrative Studies - ASsee Online Series

Academic Public Administration Studies

5. South-Eastern European Administrative Studies - ASsee Online Series


The South-Eastern European Administrative Studies – ASsee Online Series aims to valorise and introduce relevant researches, studies and analyses on the developments of the South-Eastern European Administrative Space in the European and international informational flow.

Dominated by multi-secular traditions and history, developed in a unique geo-strategic area, the South-Eastern European Administrative Space is developing on specific coordinates, providing a peculiar difference in the broad process of the changes and reforms determined by the European integration.

The studies and research reports achieved within the framework of the Jean Monnet project “South-Eastern European developments on the administrative convergence and enlargement of the European Administrative Space in Balkan states” have represented the initial support of ASsee Online Series.

We intend to continue the researches on the South-Eastern European Administrative Space, thus ensuring the sustainability and thematic consistency of the above project, contributing to consolidation of the research interests in the field of administrative studies in South-Eastern Europe.

ASsee Online Series publishes articles, comparative studies and research reports on topics specific for the evolution of public administration in South-Eastern European states. They might represent the outcome of analyses and researches developed in the framework of European and international programmes or research groups in universities and research institutes.

ASsee Online Series is achieved through the scientific and professional cooperation of specialists, teaching staff and doctoral students in the filed of administrative sciences and it is published by Economica Publishing House (Editura Economica, http://www.edecon.ro).

Coordinator of ASsee Online Series: Prof.Dr. Lucica Matei

Contact: lmatei@snspa.ro

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