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Marketing for the Public Transport

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Title: Marketing for the Public Transport
Author: Iancu, Alexandra
Abstract: The public sector is an important component of life and socio-economic development. Due to the increasing complexity of processes occurring in the context of societal structural changes, the transfer phenomenon of notions and concepts from one sector to another occurs more frequently. The specific taking over of marketing techniques by the public sector is a form of social innovation, just in the sense that, through marketing techniques, it provides a solution to a real problem for the public sector: maintain recipients (citizens) informed and somewhat satisfied by the results of development and implementation of programs run by the public sector. Nowadays, public transport users are expected to receive more, not only be transported under optimum conditions of punctuality, cleanliness and safety, and that is why in this environment of permanent changing, public transport operators have no alternative but to focus on customers. Thus public transport needs marketing, because citizens have increasingly more opportunities to choose between different ways for transport, and this makes the activity more competitive. It should not be forget that an unhappy client will use rarely public transport, despite the better organization of the market and the efforts the public transport operator makes.
Date: 2010-06-09

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